My Story

In 1993 I opened a small one-woman catering company in my friend’s kitchen and called it By Word of Mouth. Word soon spread and today By Word of Mouth has become one of South Africa’s premier catering and event companies recognised at home and abroad for quality food and excellent service.

Over the years our clients have asked for take-home versions of our most popular meals. They wanted By Word of Mouth quality, conveniently delivered to their home, saving them time and the cost of doing it themselves. Requests ranged from meals to take on holidays, entertaining unexpected guests, treating oneself at home and for those delicate occasions when giving food is more practical than flowers. Finally, with our Frozen for You range, we can meet these needs more conveniently than ever.

Frozen for You is based on the same values that helped establish the By Word of Mouth brand so many years ago – Simplicity, Generosity, Convenience and, most importantly, Quality. These values are at the heart of everything we do. This includes generous homestyle meals, made with quality ingredients, using simple traditional methods, conveniently delivered from our kitchen to yours.

By Word of Mouth is a small family-owned company with traditional values, but we have big delicious plans and we look forward to taking you on our frozen adventure.


Frozen For You